Leslie Davis (SN: Muirii) is an Georgia-based Illustration Student and Creator of the art group Empyrean Aevum.  With a passion for character design and world-building with her fellow artists, she aims to immerse her viewers in an exciting escape from reality.  Leslie specializes in Digital Art and uses programs like Clip Studio Paint and Photo. Despite this specialty, she also enjoys working traditionally with Charcoal on Pastel paper. 


Inspired by Anime, Manga, Hip Hop and RP Video games, her pieces focus on unique characters with an even more exciting backstory and the worlds they must cope with. Known for her vibrant colors, she enjoys bringing brightness and joy to her viewers with her work.   Writing is a hobby she enjoys and it enhances her ability to gather and tell her stories. 


When not focused on building the next event for her world, Leslie is surrounded by a loving, supportive family in her small town of Rockmart where she was raised. Her non-art hobbies include studying Korean, Japanese and Hip Hop Culture. She’s a beginner when learning the Korean language, enjoys up-cycling old furniture and playing video games to gather even more inspiration for her works. Interestingly, she is also the go-to for resume building and photo editing.  She plans to graduate from Kennesaw State University in 2022 and pursue her dream of working as a character designer. 


She’s won awards and has work published in GHC’s literary magazine , Old Red Kimono. She’s been involved in two exhibitions : Spring Art Exhibition in 2015 &  Rockmart’s Juried Art Competition. Her work was also chosen to hang within the Rockmart Cultural Arts Center . Her Spirit Pump Design has been displayed at Raceway since 2011.

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